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10 Best Sex positions to spice your sex life

Sex is an art that can make or break relationships. If you are not sexually compatible with your partner the bedroom scene can go downhill which can lead to frustration and stress.

Luckily there are plenty of spicy options that sex partners can try like watching erotica together and trying sex toys & different sex positions and viewing bold pictures. You can do it with your own partner or any sexy girl.

Welcome to Kolkata Escorts Service where we are going to discuss the top 10 sex positions that you can try to spice up your sex life.

Enjoy the Top 10 Best Sex positions With Kolkata Escorts

1. Liberated Missionary Sex Position:-

Liberated Missionary Sex Positions

This position is more comfortable than the traditional missionary position where a firm ramp-shaped pillow is used to lift the butt into the air without additional work. It also helps in easy access to the G-spot for a pleasurable and gratifying anal sex session.

2. Doggy Style Sex Position:-

Doggy Style Sex Positions

Although this sex position has not been tried by many couples this sex position is considered to be the favorite sex position of men. Penetration of the partner is done by lying on the stomach on hands and knees in a doggy-style position. To heighten the excitement, ask your partner to move a wing on your back during penetration.

And as a bonus, this position guarantees easy access to the hair. If you want pressure but not pain, grab the hair by the root. And if you’re looking for a little more pain in that joy, catch up with The End.

3. Table Top Sex Position:-

Table Top Sex Positions

Try this position if you want to have kinky and dirty sex with your partner for maximum sexual pleasure. The kitchen counter is an ideal spot but you can also sit on your bed or dining table.

4.Standing69 Sex Position:-

Standing69 Sex Positions

Instead of doing 69 reps lying down, you can increase the heat by doing it standing up. To get a good position, have your partner lie on their face with their feet flat on the bed.

Then get into the 69 position and wrap your arms around her pelvis while your partner holds your legs and puts them on your shoulders. Once you both have a firm hold on each other, slowly get up to perform oral sex on each other. It can be really difficult, but when done successfully, it’s a lot of fun.

5. Golden Arch Sex Position:-

Golden Arch Sex Positions

This is a face-to-face position for a good look at each other’s bodies. As a man, you sit with your legs straight and she sits on top of your thighs with knees bent over you. Then both of you lean back. If you have a large penis, the golden arch sex position allows you to really control the depth for arousing sexual pleasure.

6. Lazy Dog Sex Position:- 

Lazy Dog Sex Positions

This is a sex position compared to doggy style but the intensity is less as both the partners are lying flat against the bed. The woman lies on her stomach, arms bent at the elbows, legs spread apart, bent at one knee. The male partner lies on top of his female, facing the back of her head, and enters from behind to stimulate sexual arousal. This is a great sex position when both partners are aroused but have low energy.

7. Mermaid sex position:-

Mermaid sex positions

Have your woman lie on her back right above you, with her pelvic region raised off the ground and her hands on your waist, and her legs between yours. Then, keeping your upper body straight, enter it from the front on your knees.

8. Scoop Me Up Sex Position:-

Scoop Me Up Sex Positions

In this position, both partners lie facing the same direction and their bodies rub against each other, just like spoon sex. You can make it more awkward with ear and neck play by grabbing your lady partner’s breasts and kissing them passionately. When both partners are highly aroused, you can initiate anal sex for intense sexual pleasure for a long time.

9. Chair Sex Position:-

Chair Sex Positions

This is one of the sexiest sex positions for getting intimate physical pleasure. Sit on an armless chair with your erect and juicy hard cock. Have your partner sit on top of you using the floor. It’s easy to maintain for a long session, plus it can feel like a lap dance.

10. Lotus Sex Position:-

Lotus Sex Positions

If you want a feeling of closeness with your sex partner then there is no sex position more intimate than lotus. Simply cross your legs at the ankles and sit in the lotus position. Wrap your lady’s legs around your waist make her sit face to face on your lap and begin a steamy session of coiling each other like snakes.

So if you want to try these Kamasutra sex positions to live out your dirty and erotic fantasies but are unable to find a perfect partner then check out our escorts profile section and contact us to choose the lady of your dreams.


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