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Many conditions can cause pain while having sex 

Dryness is the most common reason, but there are many other reasons why pain while having sex. Some situations that could be the root of the problem are:-

Endometriosis:- In people with endometriosis, the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows in other areas of the pelvis, such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, or intestines. The condition can be painful, including pain during sex.

Interstitial Cystitis:- Also known as painful bladder syndrome, this condition is often mistaken for a urinary tract infection as it has many similar symptoms like bladder and pelvic pain, pressure, and frequent urge to urinate There are However, the condition is not contagious.

Pelvic floor dysfunction:- Pelvic floor muscles – the ones you tighten when you want to quickly hold in urine – can become painfully tight. It can cause aches and pains in the pelvis from any type of insertion.

Pelvic floor injury:- Pelvic floor injury, which can have many causes, ranging from vaginal delivery to improperly fitted bicycle seats, can cause pain during sex.

Vaginismus:- The muscles at the entrance of the vagina contract tightly, making penetration impossible.

Vulvodynia:- Chronic pain at the opening of the vagina, including burning, stinging, soreness, itching, rawness, and pain during sex.

Infection:- Bacteria, yeast, or sexually transmitted infections can cause pain during sex and are usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as discharge.

Ovarian cysts:- These fluid-filled sacs on the ovaries often cause no symptoms. When they burst, they can cause pain and bleeding.

Fibroids: These non-cancerous growths on the uterus can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pressure, pain, and painful intercourse.


Why do you feel pain while having sex?

Keep these things in mind while having a physical relationship with your partner, otherwise, the condition will start deteriorating.

If the right methods are not chosen during sex, then its pleasant experience can also be very painful. In such a situation, here you can learn from experts about some unhealthy sexual behavior, which most people make the mistake of doing.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to having sex depending on the type of sexual activity you engage in. A physical relationship designed with safety and information in mind makes you feel pleasure in sex. And unhealthy sexual behavior can result in negative effects on physical, emotional, and social well-being. Such behavior can lead to many problems, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unwanted pregnancies, toxic relationships, etc. Here you can understand its side effects in detail.

Unprotected Sexual Activity

Having sex without using safe sex practices increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy manifold. In such a situation, condoms should always be used while having sex. Since it is not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy, other contraceptive options may be considered.

Multiple sexual partners

Be careful if you frequently change your sexual partners. Because by doing this the risk of STI is very high. Along with this, there is also a danger of spreading many other diseases.

Forced sex

Always build relationships with the consent of your partner. Failure to do so is a legal offense and also puts the partner at risk of physical and emotional injury. After which you will not be able to enjoy sex in a better way.

Pass out in excitement

Many people get excited during sex and do something that becomes a lifetime shock for them. Also, there is a danger of spoiling the social image. In such a situation, there is a need to be very careful while having a physical relationship with your partner.

You’re not fully lubricated or aroused during sex

One of the most common causes of painful sex is a lack of lubrication and stimulation, which usually happens when you rush things.

When your partner penetrates you before you are fully aroused, you end up hurting and making sex painful and unpleasant.

This is because you do too much friction, which leads to painful little sores in the vagina and vulva.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should avoid rushing into sex. Instead, you should take advantage of foreplay.

Giving yourself about 20-40 minutes of foreplay is an excellent place to start. Not only will this give you more time to get pumped up and energized, but it will also help the session last longer, which isn’t a bad thing.

Get help from experts

If you are struggling with this type of unhealthy sexual behavior during sex, seek professional help. Therapists can provide better assistance in addressing underlying issues and developing healthy sexual habits.


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