Missionary sex positions

Missionary sex positions: Here are the Best ways to take it to the next level

People are quick to dismiss Missionary Sex positions as a little, well, tame. And, sure, from The Wheelbarrow to The Reverse Cowgirl, there are plenty of more, erm, athletic ways of getting down. But as hands down one of the most intimate positions out there, don’t be so quick to cross this classic off your list.

To help you to make the most of missionary a psychotherapist specializing in psychosexual and relationship therapy, to find out why the positions can be great, plus how to make it better for both parties.

What are missionary positions?

The missionary Sex position is a face-to-face sex position in which the person doing the penetrating – whether with a penis or with a strap-on – is on top, and the person receiving is below them.

(मिशनरी सेक्स पोजिशन एक बहुत ही सामान्य पोजीशन है। लेकिन इस पोजीशन में संबंध बनाने से बहुत ही आनंद मिलता है और आपके पार्टनर को भी यह पोजीशन पसंद आएगी।)

What are the benefits of the missionary Sex position?

The missionary position is great if you enjoy seeing your partner’s face during sex,’ says Neves. Some people find eye contact during sex or orgasm sexually powerful and pleasurable and many couples report a feeling of great connection with the missionary position.

The person on top may enjoy seeing their arm muscles flexing, which can be attractive to both partners, and the person on the bottom may enjoy being viewed from a great angle, which can also promote self-love. can grow and feel good about themselves. and each other.

Why is missionary a good position?

Because of the opportunity for eye contact, there is a romantic element to the missionary positions. You also get a lot of skin-on-skin action, which helps release feel-good hormones like oxytocin.

Best Ways To Make Missionary Sex Positions More Exciting:-

Although missionary may be a favorite for many, there are ways you can make sex positions appealing, if you want to…

1. Present a toy

With the penis-in-vagina missionary sex positions, the man may feel more pleasure than the woman as this is not the best position to stimulate the clitoris.

However, the advantage of the missionary position is that it leaves room for a variety of things to enhance the feeling of both pleasure and enjoyment. For example, women can stimulate their clitoris during penetration for more pleasure or you can try applying a small vibrating toy to place on the clitoris.

‘There are certain toys that can also be placed at the base of the penis which can help maintain an erection as well as stimulate the clitoris. The missionary position also gives room for the man’s anus. Many men (including heterosexual men) enjoy inserting a prostate massage device into their anus, which can increase their pleasure with each thrust.’

Missionary sex positions

2. Try Talking

Lying down in a face-to-face position is great for establishing intimacy. Some couples prefer to look at each other and talk dirty, which can be very sensual, others prefer to have romantic chats during this position, as it can be just as arousing.

3. Match Your Location

Missionary sex positions don’t need to be saved for the bedroom. If you want to try new things, maybe move your date somewhere else.

The missionary position is especially good on the couch or kitchen worktop. But first, make sure you are alone at home.

4. Adjust Your Position

One way to adjust the position slightly is to have the woman’s legs closer to each other or even cross. For added stimulation, the man can grab the feet of the woman and caress them.

That way, they can still make eye contact and will have a better chance of clitoris stimulation and more stimulation in the penis.

5. Think about your surroundings

When it comes to sex, sometimes we indulge in it without getting our mood right. Some people find that involving other senses in their surroundings can increase sexual pleasure.

Try applying essential oils [but not near one’s genitals] or lighting a scented candle. Play some music (classical or club, depending on your mood), or try getting dressed up: a maid outfit, heels, jewelry, makeup; or Whatever makes you feel sexy.

6. Play With The Rhythm

Instead of getting caught up in speeding up right away, try slowing down the pace of the thrust. Take a deep breath in and exhale – ask your partner to match you – to really focus on the sensations.


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