Kolkata escorts share their safety tips. As you pursue your professional and personal goals, protecting your well-being should be a priority. This can involve a range of safety measures in combination. Kolkata escorts have a number of useful tips to help ensure their safety during their booking sessions.

The most important safety tip is to be aware of your surroundings. When you meet with a client, make sure you know the location of the meeting, the name of the individual you are meeting with, and any relevant details or requests they have made. This helps you to remain alert and vigilant throughout your booking.

It is wise to take all necessary precautions when it comes to protecting your safety. It is always a smart move to share your thoughts, plans, and whereabouts with a trusted friend or family member. This will enable them to reach out to you if something goes wrong. It can also involve a range of practical steps, such as taking a photograph of your client or planning to meet them in a well-lit, public space.

What are the challenges that Kolkata escorts face?

When we asked Kolkata escorts Service about some of the challenges they face in their profession, 86% responded that their biggest challenge is wasting time. Another 32% deal with price haggling, nearly 25% with customers refusing to use protection, and 20% with violent behavior.

Some Kolkata escorts also highlighted challenges such as people asking for free photos without the intention of arranging a date, abuse, and threats from clients, and sexual violence.

What types of violence can Kolkata escorts suffer?

According to the result of our survey, the most common form of violence that Kolkata escorts experience is offense online and offline, and was experienced by 49% of professionals. In addition, 38% of professionals suffer from verbal harassment and more than 33% suffer from moral harassment.

“During a program, a client started to offend me when he realized that they are not going to get anything for free”, said a sex workers, while other professionals mentioned having been robbed, assaulted, suffering from racism, and with uneducated clients, mainly online.

What support would you like to receive from Kolkata escorts or institutions to stay safe in your profession?

During this period, this entire community challenges stigma, discrimination and criminalization against Kolkata escorts.

And we partner with organizations that support and increase the safety of Kolkata escorts in India:

Kolkata escorts Organization, which focuses on combating violence against women and seeking gender equality.

ABGLT ensures that the LGBTQIA+ population throughout India has their human rights respected.

Client Eye allows Kolkata escorts to report time-wasting clients, no-shows, unnecessary phone calls, and abusive and dangerous behavior.

The fight for rights continues. And if you’re looking to be more confident in your profession, read the articles in our safety guide, which was created to make it easier for all Kolkata escorts to find help.


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